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While each piece is unique, you can commission a similar size or design from these inspiring pots. 

Celestial Jewels

Celestial Jewels

6″w x 13″h
“Celestial Jewels” derives its name from the jewel-like ornaments that appeared during the firing, aligned with the strands of copper wire I…

Yucca by Starlight

Yucca by Starlight

9″w x 6″h
“Yucca by Starlight” could not escape its name. It told me the moment I peeled the saggar foil off after the firing.

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Cherry Blossoms

12.5″w x 14″h
In addition to the white cherry blossoms, “Cherry Blossoms” has leaf and pine cone patterns randomly appearing. None of this is pre-planned. It’s the result of…

Cottonwood Snowstorm

6″w x 15″h
Cottonwood Snowstorm is named for our famous Buena Vista blizzards of cottonwood seeds…

We Have This Treasure in Jars of Clay

5.5″w x 6″h
A small vessel, a jar of clay, a fragile thing, but the treasure is there within it. Paul is telling the Corinthians…

Celestial Midnight Rose

7″w x 11″h
“Celestial Midnight Rose” is named to honor a new hybrid tea rose developed in 2019, whose color is about the same…

Dotsero (Baby Volcano)

9″w x 7″h
This piece reminds me of a small volcanic cone. As it happens, the only active volcano in Colorado — “active” meaning it has erupted within the last 10,000 years…

Tuxedo Show #2

16″w x 24″h
“Tuxedo Show #2” is a floor-sized piece which would look great holding some Zebra Grass, Pampas Grass or Curly Willow. Its only decoration is the brushed…

The Sun Shall Be Turned to Darkness

9″w x 5″h
I thought this bowl was going to be a test piece. Well, in the final analysis, EVERY thing I produce is…

The Salmon Galaxy

6″w x 11″h
“The Salmon Galaxy” is named for a small galaxy of that same name, recently discovered…

Peppermint Snowstorm

7.5″w x 7″h
Peppermint Snowstorm was whimsically named as I polished it on Christmas Eve, as an unforecast but vigorous snow swept over my studio.

Copper Rim

10″w x 15″h
“Copper Rim” has copper carbonate-infused terra sigillata air-brushed only on its rim. The fired effect resembles a mountain range capped with a light dusting of snow. The body of the piece…

A Storm in the Orbit of Europa

9″w x 17″h
Europa, one of the 79 known moons of Jupiter, has gathered a great deal of astronomical attention since it was discovered to be covered in ice, and have random…

The Water Bearer’s Jar

10.5″w x 10.5″h
My work emerges from the bisque (1st) firing looking clean and white like a blank canvas awaiting the paint. Who knows what the 2nd firing, the saggar firing, will do…

Cache Pot

17″w x 12″h
In French, the names means hiding pot. The salt-bisque firing method is a single-firing technique. Bone-dry ware is air-brushed with white and colored…

A Bowl Full of the Universe

12″w x 9″h
“A Bowl Full of the Universe” is named for the star clusters and orbital paths that appeared under the saggar wrapping as it fired. This piece has…

The Rose Chalice

6.5″w x 12″h
The Rose Chalice is a saggar fired piece from my Christmas firing, 2019. There are numerous…

The Fall of Icarus

12.5″w x 9.5″h
Even Greek mythology points us back to scripture. Icarus, the haughty young man who disregarded…

Spiraling Through the Galaxy

8.5″w x 9″h
Named, as a lot of my work is, for my fascination with astronomy. The firing effects I achieve with crushed foil saggars include star burst patterns and…

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