Awards and Recognition
for Patricia Jahla and Bristlecone Pottery

My work has been honored at the Chaffee Arts Open Awards Show featuring over 100 pieces of art created by 53 local artists.

Curly Willow

“Curly Willow” won 1st Place/Ceramics Division in the Chaffee County Open Awards Show. 2019

Cherry Blossoms

“Cherry Blossoms” won 2nd Place/Ceramics Division in the Chaffee County Open Awards Show. 2019

In addition to the white cherry blossoms, “Cherry Blossoms” has leaf and pine cone patterns randomly appearing. None of this is pre-planned. It’s the result of the crushed foil saggar wrapping the piece, which has been dunked in ferric chloride, sprinkled with a bit of sugar and occasional strands of copper wire draped around the lip and shoulder. Plus a little handful of sawdust placed in the bottom of the piece, or around the foot on the outside. 

A Bowlful of the Universe

“A Bowlful of the Universe”, won 3rd Place/Ceramics Division in the Chaffee County Open Awards Show. 2018

It is named for the star clusters and orbital paths that appeared under the saggar wrapping as it fired. This piece has a “history” shall we say.

Praise for Patricia Jahla, Bristlecone Pottery

Ancient Science and Divine Grace


“Hunter-Wolff Gallery is pleased to offer the beautiful, hand-built, saggar-fired work of ceramic artist Pat Jahla. Her pieces are sculptural in design and highly sought-after because so few American ceramic artists combine the techniques of hand-building with saggar-firing. Each piece is a combination of labor-intensive work, slow practice, ancient science and divine grace.”

Sharon Wolff, Owner, Hunter-Wolff Gallery, Colorado Springs

Elegant Poetry


“Pat’s forms, if they were words, would be the elegant kind of poetry that we gaze upon and reread.”

Stephen and Marta Quiller, owners of Quiller Gallery, Creede, Colorado, who have purchased Pouring Out The Stars, Just Blue Inside, One Half-Gallon of the Milky Way & Hotpocket for their private collection.

I'm Impressed


“Pat’s work is unique — you won’t see anything exactly like it! I’m impressed that she digs her own clay and then handbuilds her pieces with coils…The saggar-firing is interesting and always a surprise when it comes out of the kiln. Her shapes and edges are beautiful, as well!”


Nora Larimer, owner of Rock Run Gallery”

The Gem of My Collection


“As a potter myself, let me tell you this piece is the gem of my collection.”


Jack Hickman, Taos, NM, owner of The Pillar Nebula

Works Together Perfectly


“I like Pat’s work because her forms and surface work together perfectly.”

Clyde Tullis, professional ceramist

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