Transforming Earth into Art


Using equal parts archaeology and artistry, Patricia Jahla transforms soft, malleable clay into the ringing hardness of fired work


The Salmon Galaxy

6″w x 11″h
“The Salmon Galaxy” is named for a small galaxy of that same name, recently discovered…

Kilauea’s Cocktail

8.5”w x 6”h
I’m working on developing a broader color pallet – this one includes verde copper accents that…

A Simple Twist of Fate

9.5″w x 14.5″h
A Simple Twist of Fate (God’s divine plan) occurred when my husband, Bob, hung out with me in the studio for…


7.5″w x 13.5″h
Ascendant was a huge surprise when I took it out of the kiln. No two ways about it, those are angel wings…

Eve’s Pomegranate

4.5″w x 4.5″h
It wasn’t an apple, you know. It may have been a pomegranate, a beautiful Mediterranean fruit with…

The Sun Shall Be Turned to Darkness

9″w x 5″h
I thought this bowl was going to be a test piece. Well, in the final analysis, EVERY thing I produce is…

Celestial Midnight Rose

7″w x 11″h
“Celestial Midnight Rose” is named to honor a new hybrid tea rose developed in 2019, whose color is about the same…

Ojo Verde

10″w x 4″h
Ojo Verde is kind of autobiographical. My eyes, normally grey-blue, turn green when I…

The Fall of Icarus

12.5″w x 9.5″h
Even Greek mythology points us back to scripture. Icarus, the haughty young man who disregarded…

We Have This Treasure in Jars of Clay

5.5″w x 6″h
A small vessel, a jar of clay, a fragile thing, but the treasure is there within it. Paul is telling the Corinthians…

Cherry Blossoms

12.5″w x 14″h
In addition to the white cherry blossoms, “Cherry Blossoms” has leaf and pine cone patterns randomly appearing. None of this is pre-planned. It’s the result of…

Luna’s Bowl

13”w x 4”h
Luna’s Bowl is named for the mare who belongs to a neighbor here in Buena Vista…

Prizes and Kind Words

My work has been honored at the Chaffee Arts Open Awards Show featuring over 100 pieces of art created by 53 local artists. Award-winning sculptures are available for purchase. You can also read what my kind friends say about my work.

Like clay in the potter’s hand…



Digging my own clay, while laborious, is another connection with the earth that provides my materials. Explore the slow, contemplative coiling process and the firing methods that are like a gift from God out of the kiln.

Prior Work

Rift Valley

Rift Valley

Description Rift Valley is oval in every direction. It’s oval vertically, from the side, and in cross section, as well as the throat. A fun challenge to build! As is all my work, it is hand-built using the native clay I dig from the Laramie formation. So, is the Rift...

Tidal Wave

Tidal Wave

Description Tidal Wave gives the viewer a distinct impression of sea-foam green water crashing over rocks with air bubbles trapped beneath the surface. As I experiment with color elements, I am continually surprised with the outcome of my firings. Wonderful things...

A Storm in the Orbit of Europa

A Storm in the Orbit of Europa

Description Europa, one of the 79 known moons of Jupiter, has gathered a great deal of astronomical attention since it was discovered to be covered in ice, and have random water geysers erupting from its surface. I happened across a photograph taken by the Galileo...

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