Transforming Earth into Art


Using equal parts archaeology and artistry, Patricia Jahla transforms soft, malleable clay into the ringing hardness of fired work


Peppermint Snowstorm

7.5″w x 7″h
Peppermint Snowstorm was whimsically named as I polished it on Christmas Eve, as an unforecast but vigorous snow swept over my studio.

Copper Rim

10″w x 15″h
“Copper Rim” has copper carbonate-infused terra sigillata air-brushed only on its rim. The fired effect resembles a mountain range capped with a light dusting of snow. The body of the piece…

A Storm in the Orbit of Europa

9″w x 17″h
Europa, one of the 79 known moons of Jupiter, has gathered a great deal of astronomical attention since it was discovered to be covered in ice, and have random…

We Have This Treasure in Jars of Clay

5.5″w x 6″h
A small vessel, a jar of clay, a fragile thing, but the treasure is there within it. Paul is telling the Corinthians…

Cottonwood Snowstorm

6″w x 15″h
Cottonwood Snowstorm is named for our famous Buena Vista blizzards of cottonwood seeds…

Tuxedo Show #2

16″w x 24″h
“Tuxedo Show #2” is a floor-sized piece which would look great holding some Zebra Grass, Pampas Grass or Curly Willow. Its only decoration is the brushed…

Dotsero (Baby Volcano)

9″w x 7″h
This piece reminds me of a small volcanic cone. As it happens, the only active volcano in Colorado — “active” meaning it has erupted within the last 10,000 years…

Cache Pot

17″w x 12″h
In French, the names means hiding pot. The salt-bisque firing method is a single-firing technique. Bone-dry ware is air-brushed with white and colored…

A Bowl Full of the Universe

12″w x 9″h
“A Bowl Full of the Universe” is named for the star clusters and orbital paths that appeared under the saggar wrapping as it fired. This piece has…

The Water Bearer’s Jar

10.5″w x 10.5″h
My work emerges from the bisque (1st) firing looking clean and white like a blank canvas awaiting the paint. Who knows what the 2nd firing, the saggar firing, will do…

Spiraling Through the Galaxy

8.5″w x 9″h
Named, as a lot of my work is, for my fascination with astronomy. The firing effects I achieve with crushed foil saggars include star burst patterns and…

The Rose Chalice

6.5″w x 12″h
The Rose Chalice is a saggar fired piece from my Christmas firing, 2019. There are numerous…

The Sun Shall Be Turned to Darkness

9″w x 5″h
I thought this bowl was going to be a test piece. Well, in the final analysis, EVERY thing I produce is…

Cherry Blossoms

12.5″w x 14″h
In addition to the white cherry blossoms, “Cherry Blossoms” has leaf and pine cone patterns randomly appearing. None of this is pre-planned. It’s the result of…

Celestial Midnight Rose

7″w x 11″h
“Celestial Midnight Rose” is named to honor a new hybrid tea rose developed in 2019, whose color is about the same…

The Salmon Galaxy

6″w x 11″h
“The Salmon Galaxy” is named for a small galaxy of that same name, recently discovered…

The Fall of Icarus

12.5″w x 9.5″h
Even Greek mythology points us back to scripture. Icarus, the haughty young man who disregarded…

Prizes and Kind Words

My work has been honored at the Chaffee Arts Open Awards Show featuring over 100 pieces of art created by 53 local artists. Award-winning sculptures are available for purchase. You can also read what my kind friends say about my work.

Like clay in the potter’s hand…



Digging my own clay, while laborious, is another connection with the earth that provides my materials. Explore the slow, contemplative coiling process and the firing methods that are like a gift from God out of the kiln.

Prior Work

Celestial Jewels

Celestial Jewels

Description "Celestial Jewels" derives its name from the jewel-like ornaments that appeared during the firing, aligned with the strands of copper wire I placed around the shoulder of the form.Dimensions 6"w x 13"h   Price $280   Location SOLD

Yucca by Starlight

Yucca by Starlight

Description "Yucca by Starlight" could not escape its name. It told me the moment I peeled the saggar foil off after the firing.Dimensions 9″w x 6″h   Price $285   Location SOLD



Dimensions 8"w x 19"h Location SOLD

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