Artist’s Statement

Transforming Earth into Art

Although formally educated as an artist/teacher (emphasis ceramics)
I spent my entire first career in the printing industry and only in 2017 was
able to become a full-time ceramic artist.

My parallel fascination with archaeology led me to studies at Crow Canyon Archaeology Center with two well-known Pueblo potters. That had such a visceral impact on my connection with my art that I changed my making method to hand-building in 1990.

But rather than ground or pit firing, as the Pueblo artists prefer, I started firing with the salt-bisque method, then years later added fumed saggar firing.

My Story

There is something truly miraculous about the transition from the soft, malleability of clay to the ringing hardness of fired work, as if the artist joins forces with nature to create rock.

Add to that, I dig and process my clay by hand from the Laramie Formation, late-Cretaceous period, which dates from about 66 million to 100 million years ago, and I feel like I have truly become part of the mountain geology I so love. God has blessed me with this opportunity, and I hope to fully utilize it!

My Work

My work is available at Quiller Gallery in Creede, Colorado; Rock Run Gallery in Buena Vista, Colorado; Hunter-Wolff Gallery in Colorado Springs; and my studio, Bristlecone Pottery, in Buena Vista, Colorado.

Please contact me if you are interested in purchasing a piece or commissioning art to fit your space.

Where to Purchase

Bristlecone Pottery

Buena Vista, CO

Phone: 719-510-2249

Rock Run Gallery
Buena Vista, CO

902 S Main St
Buena Vista, CO
Phone (719) 966-5185 

Hunter-Wolff Gallery
Colorado Springs

2510 W Colorado Ave
Colorado Springs, CO
Phone (719) 520-9494

The Quiller Gallery
Creed, CO

110 North Main Street
Creede, CO 81130
Phone (719) 658-2741

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