A Simple Twist of Fate (God’s divine plan) occurred when my husband, Bob, hung out with me in the studio for a while as I started this piece. The walls were only a couple inches high when he suddenly asked, “Can you make the edges twist as you build the walls up?” “Of course,” I replied, having no earthly idea right then where the form was heading, anyway! 90% of the time I draw a plan for every shape before I begin building, but this was an exception. And it is not slab-built. Any other potter would have used slabs. But no, I had to do it with coils and paddle the corners into shape as I built up the walls. The corners caused each side to absorb the chemical and combustible fumes differently. In addition to the basic overall treatment with ferric chloride, my liquid iron source, I used some splatters of copper carbonate, sugar crystals and black horse tail hair for this composition.


9.5″w x 14.5″h








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