Ascendant was a huge surprise when I took it out of the kiln. No two ways about it, those are angel wings reaching from the foot to the lid! They resulted from a lock of white horse tail hair wrapped in a figure-8 around the body of the piece. Also used here are splashes of copper carbonate and sugar crystals, as well as a few strands of very thin copper wire. The deep maroon is achieved with ferric chloride, applied after the initial (bisque) firing. All the other color elements are counterpoints to the maroon, but in this case, the hair fumed and repelled the ferric chloride, creating some lovely, ephemeral clouding on the back and exciting linear elements on the front and sides. So, as does most of my work, it told me its name as soon as I took it out of the kiln.


7.5″w x 13.5″h







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